More MC Interview

Natnat and Amo spotted that the great Marie Claire interview from earlier this year was even better than we thought. There is a much longer version that they Jerusalem Post has published on their site. Of most importance is probably her comment that she loves her work and hopes to continue acting for “a very long time”.

Below is a fun rapid fire excerpt.

What is your favorite book or poem?
Lolita and Robert Hass’s poetry; he is a contemporary Californian poet. And E.E. Cummings’s poems.

What for you is a beautiful piece of music?
The Schubert Impromptus, the Bach Goldberg Variations and the Chopin Nocturnes.

Piece of art?
Schiele’s drawings and paintings. He is probably my favorite.

Film or performance?
There are so many, Days of Heaven, Brief Encounter and Manhattan.

It would be a strawberry popsicle.

A poem or a book?
St. Exupery’s The Little Prince.

A movie or play?
Godard’s film Breathless.

Favorite color?

A sound?
A laugh.

If you were an animal?
It would be a baby lioness.