Scrape scrape. Scrape scrape. Tidbits!

Comic Book Movie looks at the Thor 2 speculation that the film might focus less on Earth and what that might mean for Jane Foster.

Of course, if so, it could mean the characters Thor interacted with in the original film, while earthbound, wouldn’t return; notably Natalie Portman’s Jane Foster. However, at some point in the comics, Thor did take Jane to Asgard with him, where she was briefly granted immortality and the power of gods; which could evidently be a twist for the film.

– A project long linked to Natalie, Snow And The Seven, seems to be moving ahead. Now titled, Order Of The Seven, it’s a Eastern kung fu take on Snow White.

– Finally, former staff member, Melody, sent over this advert of Nine D’Urso. A lot of people feel that she is a dead ringer for Natalie, but aside from the eyes, I have to admit I don’t really see it.