We’ve got a really cool batch of mini updates for you today. Dig in!

– First up, David Gordon Green talks about Suspiria to Complex.

I was actually going to make Suspiria with Natalie [Portman] a few years ago, but ended up pushing it to do Your Highness, and once she stepped into Black Swan it definitely made me not want to do what I originally had in mind; I didn’t want to make the Natalie version anymore. So I re-envisioned it. My version of Suspiria doesn’t have anything to do with ballet at all; it’s an all girls’ boarding school that doesn’t have the dance element, so there’s no real conflict there.

– Emma Watson hasn’t been shy about professing Natalie love in the past, so it’s no surprise that she’s bigging up NatPo once more.

“Marilyn Monroe was melting, like Ava Gardner, both were the beauties of the Hollywood golden age,” Emma told Madame Figaro. “All this sex-appeal, this glamour. But I do feel closer to natural actresses, such as Natalie Portman or Julia Roberts.”

– Natalie was in Moviefone’s Sexiest Woman Of The Summer tournament. She smashed Blake Lively in Round 1 but Sweet Lips Kunis knocked Natalie out in Round 2. At least Mila went on to win the whole thing.

– Finally, dress up Natalie in this web game. Or, if you’re a guy, just leave her in her underwear.