Just two tidbits today but they bring the fire. Gold star tidbits, if you will.

– Amo found a really nice interview with Thor director, Kenneth Branagh, in which he mentions that scheduling is the reason he’s not directing the sequel (whether that’s true or not…) and talks about how he’d love to see Natalie’s Jane and Hopkins’ Odin on screen together.

“I think that would have been fantastic,” he told me last month in a brief phone conversation. “And who knows? In future movies there may be an opportunity to do it. It was the first time out with Thor; there was so much to establish. There was certainly talk of bringing them together, but we have so many things, so many interweaving strands, in the first one, that it seemed like a step too far. But to see those two in a scene together would be quite sensational. The discussion of that idea has been going on for some time.”

– The Filmspotting podcast guest hosts, Matt Singer and Alison Willmore, tore Colombiana a new one on a recent episode and later on talked about Leon in their top 5 assassin films list. I edited just the Leon chat for you guys. Listen to that here and the whole episode can be found here.