Malick Miss

Last year there was a rumour that the great Terrence Malick (Tree of Life, Thin Red Line etc.) was working on a Jerry Lee Lewis project, and that he was eying Natalie for a role, along with Brad Pitt.

As amazing as it would be to see Natalie in a Malick film (he’s one of the few directors you know you may not have a fun time with on set, but you just drop anything to get the chance to work with him) there are reports that his secret film, which is in pre-production right now, may in fact be the Jerry Lee Lewis project.

Why the connection? Well, it’s a bit of a guess, but The Playlist points to Malick being seen at the Austin music festival with Christian Bale and a camera crew.

Unfortunately, if it is the project that Natalie was being considered for, it seems that Haley Bennett might have snagged the part.