Thor Talk

There is a “new” Natalie interview regarding Thor’s release, which isn’t much, but it’s been so quiet on the news front this week that this is almost a “stop the press” moment.

Below is an excerpt of geeky goodness…

We have seen you in a few superhero movies, but never a superhero. Do you have a favorite superhero you would like to play?

Me? Gosh. No. It’s not something I’m keen to do.

Do you read comic books?

Yeah. My cousins were really into comic books so I definitely grew up around that a lot. I also got into graphic novels when I did V for Vendetta so I’m definitely a fan of those now.

Had you read a Thor comic before you were approached to do the movie?

To be honest, I knew nothing, but quickly got up to speed.

Who is your favorite Star Wars character?

I’d have to say Chewie. I’m a big Chewbacca fan.