New Poll + Narrating Results

Natalie recently mentioned that she wouldn’t be interested in playing a superhero, and now I want to hear if there’s a feeling of relief or disappointment from you guys.

The “no cape for me, please” poll

As for the previous poll, it looks like a smart move to have Natalie and so many other celebrities narrating the upcoming documentary, Unity, as almost half of you were now wanting to check the film out.

Full results after the jump…

Natalie narrating Unity is…

Going to make me want to check out the film. – 43.9% (47 votes)

Good for her but will need more convincing to seek out the film. – 23.4% (25 votes)

Fantastic news. – 17.8% (19 votes)

Not enough to make me check out the film. – 12.1% (13 votes)

Terrible news. – 2.8% (3 votes)