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By October 5, 2011Nat-news

If you’re wondering if Natalie is still in Geneva, or if she’s now moved on, an answer may have arrived from @KNBresee on Twitter. Earlier today she tweeted this:

apparently Natalie Portman just strolled down my street. #wut

When asked about the comment she responded:

I am studying in Geneva right now. I believe she’s here with her family

Swiss paparazzi suck 😉


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  • wolfi says:

    Hello everybody,

    I lived in Geneva and today, around 5h30pm, my friend crossed Natalie Portman, who was waiting with two friends in town of Geneva, just closed to the theater where M. MILLEPIED is actually working. Then after a while, he arrived from the stage door, smiling and happy to see his family. Natalie was carrying her son as usual..

    Have a good day.

  • omgzrachel says:

    Amo, I’m half asleep and hit delete when I meant to click approve. 🙁 Could you repost? Sorry!

  • colelle says:

    Swiss paparazzi must have some kind of paparazzi secret… like the bank secret? Oh my… there she is, still so close from me… but still has not called. Haha