New Poll + Jenkins Results

It’s a bit late, but as promised, here is the other half of our “who would you like to see play Natalie’s parents” poll. We’ve done the ladies, with Meryl Streep cruising to first place, and now we’re doing the men. I expect this one to be a lot more competitive.

Who would you like to see play Natalie’s dad?

The Patty Jenkins directing Thor 2 poll came up with a boatload of shrugging shoulders. It’s probably a fair reflection as a Marvel film is going to pretty much look and play like a Marvel film, regardless of who is in the director’s chair.

Results are a click away.

If Patty ‘Monster’ Jenkins lands the Thor 2 directing gig, I will feel…

Hopeful – 45.1% (46 votes)

Nothing – 36.3% (37 votes)

Ecstatic – 11.8% (12 votes)

Concerned – 4.9% (5 votes)

Dismayed – 2% (2 votes)