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By October 18, 2011Nat-news

Amo and Garcy spotted a GORGEOUS new Dior photo of Natalie, who is the face of their new Mascara.

I seldom use mascara, so I’m a bit in the dark here, but this site has an explanation about what makes this product different.

New wand with a smaller applicator than before, creates fuller lashes.


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  • jesslv74 says:

    I guess this is kind of related. I was watching an episode of the new Dr. Who and part of it took place in a department store. At one point the characters were walking through the perfume department and there were a few of Natalie’s Dior ads on the walls. Just thought it was cool.

  • Joe Schmo says:

    “I seldom use mascara, …”

    Dazza,always so modest about his knowledge on a woman’s needs.

    ” … so I’m a bit in the dark here,”

    So turn on your night vision!


    Joe “And his sewing skills are FANTASTIC” Schmo.

  • amo says:

    At first glance I totally thought this was a nail polish ad.