Golden Carrot Award

Amo made a really strange and interesting find, which seems to indicate that Natalie is supporting another non profit organization. One that is dear to her…belly.

Los Angeles Unified School District won the delicious prestigious Golden Carrot Award, which is awarded by The Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine. LAUSD was awarded for introducing healthy vegetarian meals to their students, and on top of the prize, they also got a letter from Natalie out of it.

The full letter can be read here, but below we have an excerpt.

As a new parent, I love your district’s emphasis on healthy meal options and nutrition education. By serving healthy menu items like fresh salads, avocado wraps, and black bean burgers, you’re helping students develop a taste for nutritious foods. But you’re also making sure students understand how food affects their bodies so they’re more likely to bypass the cheeseburgers and put healthful items on their trays.

I’m worried about my son’s generation. Childhood obesity has hit a record high, and experts say that one in every three children born today will develop diabetes in his or her lifetime. But I’m also hopeful that we can reverse these terrible trends. That’s where parents and school officials come in. We need to work together to help our children develop healthy eating habits.