It was long overdue for a new batch of tidbits. Num num.

– We begin with Natalie being mentioned on a list of the 10 worst fake British accents from Time Magazine. It’s for V for Vendetta and they’re not THAT harsh on her.

Compared with many of her peers on this list, Natalie Portman’s playing of Evey in V for Vendetta isn’t too awkward when it comes to the accent. Portman goes down the road marked “posh,” and it somewhat pays off, even if you can tell that she’s having to work a little too hard to sound convincing.

– Stylist has a beauty marks tribute photo slideshow (God, how I hate these things. At least offer up a little commentary like the Time list above) and Natalie (and her mole) make an appearance.

– Finally, here is a really nice in depth interview with Darren Aronofsky about Black Swan. It was filmed before Oscar night and covers a lot of ground about the production.