The Aleph Poll Again

I was really hoping there would be a clear majority position in our poll asking you guys what we should do about candid photos that include Aleph.

The option for showing the photos was a comfortable winner, but didn’t quite hit 50% of the vote. So we’re going to do this again, only this time there are only two options.

Whichever is closer to what you would prefer, that’s the one to vote for.

The Much Ado About Aleph poll

Hit the jump for the results of the first round.

Which choice should be our policy on candids of Natalie and Aleph?

Include photos of him. If the photos are out there then why not view them here. – 49.8% (148 votes)

Don’t post any photos that show Aleph’s face. Obscuring his face is fine. – 22.6% (67 votes)

Don’t post any photos of Aleph. Period. – 18.9% (56 votes)

Include photos of him but only for a couple more years. – 8.8% (26 votes)