Noxon Talks PPZ

Marti Noxon was brought on to rewrite Pride And Prejudice And Zombies for the third director to leave, Craig Gillespie. She talks about the problem project to The Playlist, who give a reasonable take on the situation at the very end.

Noxon doesn’t think Lionsgate is the problem (“They are committed to doing it and really smart”), but rather the marketplace.

“It’s very hard to sell a comedy-horror concept,” Noxon said, “As much as it’s already pre-sold and popular much in the same way ‘Fright Night’ was, it’s still a little risky. At the same time, you get a success like ‘Zombieland,’ but then something will come along that makes people nervous again…”

That could be standard patter to make everyone look good, and it’s possible Lionsgate is just waiting to see how next summer’s similarly themed historical/creature feature mashup “Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter” does at the box office, but we believe it coming from Noxon, who seems to be doing interesting work within genre constraints while pushing their boundaries.