Your Highness Post Script

The director of Your Highness (and the just opened The Sitter), David Gordon Green, talks to The Playlist about the negative reception of the film. It’s an interesting read, even though Green still seems slightly in denial. There’s no question he’s a talented filmmaker and I’m a big fan, but Your Highness just didn’t come together on any level. Below is a brief excerpt.

It turns out virtually everything about “Your Highness” was anguished. “Everything about ‘Your Highness’ was difficult – financing that movie, getting it together, all the logistics of that movie,” Green explained. “And not just financially, because we were trying to make a modest budget movie look like a very expensive movie, but we’re in a very difficult environment – it’s raining everyday, a very aggressive movie on a very condensed amount of time. On every level it was very stressful.”