A couple interesting mini news items for you guys to nibble on today.

– I’m not sure if we covered this at the start of the year, but the OTHER Black Swan controversy involved another credit argument – this time between the costume designer, Amy Westcott and Rodarte. In this interview (and again, apologies if we posted this before) Westcott really lays into Rodarte and gives some nice details on how the costumes for the film came into being.

– Badass Digest have put together a list of their 10 favourite posters of the year. That early striking Hesher poster lands at the number 3 spot.

– Biography channel are showing a Natalie Portman biography (check TV listings on the left for details), which TV guide claims to be new. I’ve seen an old Natalie biography but perhaps this one is a more up to date version? If you manage to catch it please let us know.