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By January 2, 2012Nat-news

AbbaNibi are reporting that Natalie, Benjamin and Aleph spent the last few days of the year in Israel. It sounds like they’ll be leaving the country soon, if they haven’t already, but I’m not sure if that means a return to France or back home or someplace else entirely.

The current visit comes after a short stop in Paris for the couple and their infant, as they are said to embark on more traveling in Israel, including the dead sea and parts of northern Israel, and are expected to leave by Monday.


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  • Adonis says:

    Israel is a very beautiful country, there was already 2 times. It’s also the birthplace of Natalie and a must for them to visit it from time to time. So and now wants time for hope and wish Natalie the year in these matters in film, everything is going well. Natalie still need the big lead in a very big film and I could well imagine how he could be.

  • Antonio says:

    Twice I had the chance to be close to Natalie, one when Filming in Madrid with Milos Forman (2005) and Second this 31 December 2011 when she happened to sleep few meters away from my house and walked with Aleph by the Amirim Kibutz in Israel… I was really happy in both cases to cross smiles and a look but wasn´t able to tell her that I was the same guy next to her in the Boadilla del Campo Palace back in 2005… next time, I guess.