Natalie Developing Documentary

The first rumoured project of the new year and something definitely a bit different. MissM spotted a French interview with author Jonathan Safran Foer, in which the author explains how Natalie wants to make his novel, Eating Animals, into a documentary.

“Well, Natalie Portman is going to make a movie of it. She wants to make a very personal documentary. She contacted me, she told me that she loved the book. I know her now, I will help her eventually, but it will be her vision. She’s only at the very beginning.”

This is already pretty conclusive, considering that Natalie and Foer are friends and how she famously (infamously?) went on record with her love for the novel by reviewing it for The Huffington Post.

So I wasn’t surprised to hear back from a source that Natalie’s interest is 100% true.