New Poll + Christmas Results

There are a couple potential new poll topics, but I’ve decided to go with the confirmed news that Natalie is looking to turn Eating Animals into a documentary. Make your thoughts known by voting below.

The Natalie Portman documentary filmmaker poll

Regarding the Christmas poll, a more selfish choice came out on top, but almost a quarter of you guys just wanted Natalie to have a happy holidays. Awwww.

Full results are a click away.

What would you most like for Christmas?

The announcement of a new movie role for Natalie. – 38.5% (90 votes)

For Natalie, Benjamin and Aleph to just have a great weekend. – 22.6% (53 votes)

A holiday greeting card of the Portman family, with Whiz in a Santa hat. – 16.7% (39 votes)

New candid photos of Natalie in France. – 14.1% (33 votes)

A new NP.COMic. – 8.1% (19 votes)