New Poll + Eating Animals Results

With Natalie’s Golden Globes presenting appearance just a couple days away, I thought we could do a quick poll to see how many of you will be tuning in.

The Golden Globes anticipation poll

As for the last result, it came out more positive than I expected. Seems Natalie fans are down with her working on a documentary for Eating Animals. The full results are after the jump.

Are you for for Natalie making a personal documentary about Eating Animals?

Yes, sounds great. – 29.5% (46 votes)

Yes, I’m curious. – 28.2% (44 votes)

I don’t know. Could go either way. – 23.1% (36 votes)

No, I’m worried about how Natalie might express her feelings about the subject. – 16.7% (26 votes)

No, I don’t like documentaries. – 2.6% (4 votes)