Across The Aisle

Thoughts written up after a Natalie sighting can be quite one dimensional, so reading this article, from a bit part actress who was on the same plane as Natalie, was as surprising as it was pleasing to read. I highly recommend reading the whole thing, but here is a little excerpt.

She is so sweet and natural. And she is riding coach. Like a bad ass. We are about the same size. Similar facial structure. Both in comfy jeans and no makeup. Matching pony tails. We both look like pre-teens. Besides the fact that I have looked up to her work and how she carries herself for as long as I can remember, I canʼt help but think (when in such close proximity,) what is it exactly that separates me from you? You know… besides her Oscar, her adorable baby she is holding, and the handsome man sitting at her side. Husband? Boyfriend? I have no idea. I donʼt have either. Hey- at least I have my laptop.