The weekend is almost here. Let’s ease into it with some mini updates.

– The Sundance Channel named the sex scene between Natalie and Ashton in No Strings Attached as one of their 10 Most Realistic Sex Scenes Of The Year. Why did a typical fantasized romcom sex scene make the cut? Ashton uses a condom.

– Speaking of easing into things, EW has done a piece about Ahmed Best, the actor who brought us Jar-Jar Binks, one of the more despised characters in cinema history. You have to feel sorry for the guy and his co-stars feel the same, standing up for him in the article. There are a couple Natalie quotes, like this…

”George is really influenced by his kids,” says Portman. ”All the language — the cadence and the syntax and everything — was taken from Jett, who at that time was really little, so he would say, ‘Me like…’ That’s how he would talk. Of course, people are entitled not to like it, but to make it out to be this racist thing was really kind of crazy.”

– Finally, Pajiba put together a fake “funny” letter from James Franco toHarvey Weinstein. In it, James pitches a film idea and Natalie is one of the casting suggestions.