New Poll + Oscar Appearance Results

The new poll topic is about Natalie and Ben’s probably marriage. As fans we tend to want to feel included, so I’m wondering if you guys are happy she was able to have the ceremony in private, or whether you’re disappointed.

The Secret Wedding Poll

The results of Natalie’s Oscar appearance look were very positive, although let’s be honest, they normally are. We’ll see how it matches up in next year’s Charlie Awards or if the do a pic battle later this year.

The results are a click away.

Natalie’s Oscar look was…

Perfection. Amongst her very best looks. – 51.4% (107 votes)

Beautiful but not quite a Natclassic. – 29.8% (62 votes)

A mixed bag. Some good some bad. – 13.9% (29 votes)

Awful. A total disappointment. – 4.8% (10 votes)