Natalie Stars At Dior Dinner

Yesterday we posted photos of Natalie on the way to a special Dior dinner and today we have a photo of her at the event and…wow.

Dior certainly didn’t hold back the praise for the guest of honour, as the writeup on their site is half a notch short of “and then angels descended from heaven and lifted Natalie to her seat”.

Here’s a mildly euphoric excerpt:

And then, suddenly, there she was. Natalie Portman and her décolleté, Natalie Portman and her bare shoulders, her intense regard, her Dior haute couture dress and her natural aura; Natalie Portman and her radiant smile, her features drawn from a 17th century portrait. And even here, with every invitee already a celebrity, her arrival provoked a wordless pause as the assembled crowd sat enthralled by her beauty. Natalie Portman, a star among stars.