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By April 6, 2012Nat-news

I don’t think this is spoiler territory…

We know now that Natalie’s Jane Forster will not appear in The Avengers, alongside Thor. If you’ve seen the first film you will wonder how, given the ending, Thor could return to Earth and not even squeeze in a quickie…visit.

Well, the Avengers set visit by Collider reveals that there will be an explanation in the film. Whether it will be plausible or not remains to be seen. Although I guess the impending destruction of Earth should probably supersede date night.


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  • Marine says:

    Apparently the ring she is showing off has special significance, but you have to buy Vogue Portugal for the interview to find out why…something to do with her latest charity role or something family orientated like for Aleph? She has been wearing it every day she has been in Paris as far as I can tell anyway

  • Dazza says:

    Yeah, there was some talk on the forum about it. I google translated the article earlier but couldn’t really get any info from it. Hopefully the Vogue issue will be out soon.

  • Adonis says:

    Well, the main thing is that Natalie Thor2, and in the other films which will surely follow, provide huge success. The shooting will be announced so as to begin in a few months so that Natalie is soon back on the big screen, right where a great actress belongs!