A nice batch of mini updates for you guys today. Let’s get straight to it…

– Firstly, it looks like the sign language confusion in the My Valentine video, might be down to the differences between American Sign Language and British Sign Language. This blogger breaks it down.

– While we’re on the subject, here is an interview with the guy who coached Natalie and Johnny Depp.

– Finally, Kevin Kline says that he was introduced to his pet pooch by Natalie. She was bringing different dogs to their play, The Seagull, because she was fostering Paws For Claws adoption.

The actress was working for an organisation that sought out foster homes for strays at the time and she’d bring different pooches to rehearsals.

Eventually, Kline fell in love with one and took him home.

He tells BlogTalkRadio.com, “I knew immediately he was the one… She would come to rehearsal with different dogs every few days. She walked in with this dog and my kids had been saying they wanted a dog, so I saw this dog and said, ‘I want that; that’s the one’.