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By April 25, 2012Site-news

A few weeks back I took to updating some of the more glaring mistakes on our Biography Page. Information was, and still is, incredibly out of date.

I’ve got some time in the coming days and want to finally get that page and the film pages up to date.

But let’s start with the biography. Take a look at it and drop a comment. What else needs updating? Are there things that she be added or outright removed?

I’m all ears.


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  • AMSSERME says:

    Natalie’s favorite color is purple.I remember watching a video from the 2010 Toronto Film Festival where Natalie was signing autographs to fans during Black Swan Premiere,one of the fans asked her what was her favorite color and Natalie answered had that video but unfortunate when the site was hacked the video was lost.

  • AMSSERME says:

    I think Natalie also speaks spanish as seen during her visit to Latin America as Finca ambassador.

  • rhea says:

    Says in the facts that she likes chocolate… But now that she’s a vegan, can she still eat it? I mean, it does contain milk, doesn’t it? Maybe I’m wrong…

  • jesslv74 says:

    I’ve always wondered…does Natalie not have a middle name?

  • CédPortman says:

    I knew that Natalie was friends with Britney Spears . I think she is also friends with Mila Kunis

    Glad to know that she speaks a little French this would be nice to have one day a video of Natalie speaking in French.

    among these addictions you forget that it has smoking (although we can not know whether she actually quit smoking has less to live with it)

  • Aurore2704 says:

    I think we can add the birthday of Aleph, June 7th. and for the language well we have just learned that she knows the sign language. about schooling, there isn’t it’s semester in Israel studying spoken Arabic, spoken Hebrew, the history of Israel, the history of Islam, and the Anthropology of Violence.

  • Adonis says:

    Personally I find the biography page in order. Well, maybe you could miss her a new look! But in my opinion there is no better than Natalie, who is her own biography page redesign with new and old information.
    I mean, it’s all here for her own life, and therefore they should give the information and ideas.
    This is my idea.

  • Dazza says:

    whenpukedries – that’s a warning.

  • Dazza says:

    Famous friends needs a lot of work but it’s tricky because there are so many now and it’s hard to know just how close some of these friendships are.

  • Aurore2704 says:

    For famous friens I think we can definitely add Mila Kunis, Rashida Jones and the rodarte sister. But I think we can withdraw Britney, liv tyler, I’m not convinced that there are still in touch.

  • Dazza says:


  • Narkel says:

    Well I guess we can add Cate Blanchett as a famous friend now 😉

  • Dazza says:

    I’m leaving Cate off I think. I’m trying for very close famous friends, otherwise the list would be very long indeed as she seems to get on with most people.