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I must confess that tidbits are normally phoned in – in fact, 90% of tidbits are sourced from the phone book. Go figure. But not today. No sirree, these are the real deal.

– Natalie came in at number 14 on Rodale’s 50 sexiest environmentalists list.

– Mila Kunis is now officially on board the Wachowski’s Jupiter Ascending, putting to bed any lingering doubts that the early Natalie rumours were true. I just realized using Natalie, Mila and “bed” in the same sentence brings forth such life affirmingly happy memories.

– Finally, Rufus Wainwright namedrops Natalie’s in a new song. The reason? The album is produced by Mark Ronson. Mark Ronson used to go out with Rashida Jones. Rashida Jones is close friends with Natalie. So…


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  • whenpukedries says:

    …Rufus Wainright namedrops Natalie’s… BEST FRIEND …in a new song.

    Isn’t that what you meant to write?

  • Dazza says:

    No, that’s not what I meant to write.

    “And I’d like to thank you Rashida, for giving me a reason to call MISS PORTMAN and to write this song.”