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A big thanks to Fanatical for finding the full Vanity Fair Italia interview with Natalie. It went through a translation so it’s a bit rough but hopefully still an enjoyable read.

I liked this passage about Cate Blanchett and Aleph.

“I will have the guilt of all mothers who want to pursue more roles simultaneously. My friend Cate Blanchett, who is talented mother of three children, told me: when you’re dancing, you learn to dance. It is true, I’m sure you can get with the will to do almost everything. And then, Aleph is very lucky. He has two grandmothers who worship at his disposal.”

The full interview is after the jump.

The soft shapes, typical of a young mother who still breastfeeds her son for ten months (to be expected in the next room, with the paternal grandmother), her face beaming, and the attitude of someone who does not ask more from life: Natalie Portman today, 30 years, a woman is completely different from that self-destructive dancer, last year she won the Oscar for best actress protagonist of the Black Swan.

“I am a lucky woman,” she repeats. One of fortunes is her collaboration with Dior, which she took as her witness the beauty (next September will be the face of an advert for a new product). It is for this reason that Natalie is in Paris, happy to spend some time in France, the home of his companion, dancer Benjamin Millepied. Benjamin and the actress met during the filming of Black Swan, and shortly thereafter decided to have a child: Aleph, born last June 14.

“I want my child to learn French and become familiar with the culture of this country,” Portman says, explaining that a child has had a sort of premonition. “When I was seven or eight years, I thought I read in my future that I had a very close relationship with France. My name is Natalie, because my parents listened to the song by Gilbert Bécaud before I was born, I studied French, and my first movie – Leon, Luc Besson – I shot here. When I first met Benjamin, I had the impression that the last box of the puzzle of my life had found its place.”

And now did the collaboration with Dior: how do you feel in the role of spokesperson for beauty?

“I do not know what convinced them to choose me, but I’m really happy. When I come here to prepare this country feel the clothes and I commend you to the hands of the make-up artist, the tailors and craftsmen working on my image. In the end, I feel like a real queen. I always carry my mother-in-law, who has done all his life a professor of dance, and other women of the family of Benjamin, to share moments of this incredible experience.”

Prepare a beauty campaign while still breast-feeding her son did not feel uncomfortable?

“One of my best friends, who is pregnant at this time, says something I find totally agree: it is men who change their attitude towards us when we are on the presses with motherhood. They are disoriented, they do not know have never been his father. We are well into our body that is rounded, and we do not feel at all uncomfortable. Indeed, we are quite attractive, very feminine in this situation, but perhaps it is they who can not seduce us more, because they are, which inhibits them. They are very funny: even the most ardent suitors become clumsy and awkward.”

It will be so rewarding to be surrounded by an army of professionals committed to maximizing your power of seduction.

“Sure. Especially after months spent changing diapers, clothes stained with regurgitation of milk, you want to feel beautiful, to take ownership of yourself, to change the skin, as well as clothing, makeup, or how.”

How has your life changed after the arrival of Aleph?

“From a practical standpoint, I stopped shopping, going out. Now my only luxury are the books, the movies that I buy on iTunes, the music I listen at home with Benjamin and the child. A child changes your world view, it makes you more sensitive, you have someone to protect, you want everything to be nicer and less aggressive. As soon as I could, I started to engage in partnership Free The Children, of which I am the ambassador, because the smaller, their welfare, have become the center of my interests.”

She is a woman engaged on several fronts. Succeed in balancing work, humanitarian work, life as a mother, a woman, a witness to beauty?

“I will have the guilt of all mothers who want to pursue more roles simultaneously. My friend Cate Blanchett, who is talented mother of three children, told me: when you’re dancing, you learn to dance. It is true, I’m sure you can get with the will to do almost everything. And then, Aleph is very lucky. He has two grandmothers who worship at his disposal.”


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  • Adonis says:

    A very nice and interesting interview by Natalie – I really liked!

  • StarWarsObsessed says:

    Natalie breastfeeds. My respect for her has just gained times a million.

  • AMSSERME says:

    I am confused.When was Aleph born? June 7 or June 14?

    This interview is more revealing.It seems Natalie is more open to the foreign press than the American press.We seem to learn more from Natalie by these foreign interviews than the informations from the tabloids and internet.

  • howdyoudothat says:

    Natalie has said recently (2011/2012 interview) that she wishes to remove the “masks” she has worn around the press to protect her private life. My guess is she realizes that since her private life is established (married with a child), and she is no longer a “young” Hollywood actress, she now can be more free about divulging personal details. After all, she will be using her roles as a wife and a mother as platforms to give opportunities to children and women, as she has said recently.

    Also, let’s face it, Hollywood has an early expiration date for actresses, even for Mrs. Millepied. Natalie is smart enough to know that as she ages, the roles will not be as plentiful. I look forward to seeing the womanly Natalie because this girlish Natalie has grown old. Literally.

  • toto20 says:


    Aleph born is june 7. Confirmed by Ben. himself in the French newspaper (le Figaro).
    Aleph becomes more and more cute growing up 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  • Adonis says:

    Natalie is the best age to make many great films, and that they will also, because on the big screen, this charismatic person to show very much!
    Yes – Natalie is 31, so what. She does look great and definitely not more than 23
    Now somehow to say goodbye to the big screen. For me, really “unthinkable”

  • nevam says:

    Very nice, beautiful interview thank you for the translation! Also every time i think Nat cannot be more awesome but she proves me wrong every time.

  • AMSSERME says:

    @toto20-Thanks for the information on Aleph’s birthday.

  • jesslv74 says:

    There are MANY award-winning actresses who are still getting great roles (and Academy Awards nominations and wins) well into their 50s-60s). I think that Natalie is going to be one of those women because she has shown phenomenal talent since age 11 and has already won a Golden Globe, an Academy Award, and has had several nominations. I think that unless she decided to leave the industry for family or charity obligations, it’s likely that she’ll be around long time…oh and she’s 30, not 31. 🙂 But yes, she does look much younger than that.

    Interesting that the interviewer described her as having soft shapes b/c she’s lost a lot of weight since having Aleph. Of course not as skinny as she was in Black Swan. Even many on here have mentioned that they think she’s too skinny…I can’t tell that she had a baby nine months ago.

    I agree, very good interview. But you know what I also find? The interview is only as good as its questions, and I think this interviewer asked some good ones. They are kind of the typical ones, but not a lot of those “fluff” ones.

  • howdyoudothat says:

    No, no, I did not mean she will not get any more good roles-it is just that most of the characters you see in Hollywood are written for younger women. Yes, this does happen to actors as well, and as the men age, they will also face the prospect of being phased out. This is not to say Natalie lacks talent or does not look young. She takes very good care of herself, as far as I’m concerned. But if you don’t think that Hollywood is a superficial industry, think again.

    Like I said, Natalie is aware of this bias. She has mentioned before in interviews that actresses who were in their late 20s/early 30s getting so many “hot” roles, five years later do not get them anymore. Do not be so naive as to think she is immune to this (unfortunate) trend. She will do great things with or without the movie industry.

  • Adonis says:

    I like Natalie at all somehow. Is it their charisma, their beauty, their values​​, the great movies they have filmed so far, and still others will surely follow. Perhaps including a continuation of my favorite movie?
    And yes, “right,” she is 30 – my mistake.

  • Adonis says:

    I agree with your comments and answer, no question!
    And yes – I’m charged with Natalie’s age a bit.

  • awiseone says:

    She called Benjamin’s mother her “mother in law” and obviously spent time with her during that short visit there.