Watchmaker Explained

Thursday nights dinner between Natalie and Richard Mille was a bit of a head scratcher. Well, scratch no more, because Natnat found the answer over at Haute Time. Synergy!

On Thursday April 26, Haute Time Curator, Seth Semilof, had the opportunity to interview watch legend Richard Mille who was in New York City, for the announcement of the New Ambassador of Richard Mille, or as he calls it, “New Friend,” actress Natalia (sic) Portman.

The evening was a very special, small affair. It was a intimate dinner for Ms. Portman to introduce herself to the brand and to meet with her charity, Free the Children, that Richard Mille will support through proceeds. These kinds of collaborations with celebrities are usually about giving back.

What was so interesting, was Natalie Portman didn’t have any paparazzi following her. She was relaxed, laughing and enjoying her time with Mr Mille and guests. At the end of the night, I was most impressed with how she kindly said goodbye to everyone and knew everyone’s name. She even came and said goodbye to me, and asked my name, since we were not introduced earlier. That type of attitude is exactly why she is one of the most special actresses of our time and why she makes a perfect Friend for Richard Mille.