Barb-Barb-Barb Barb-Barbarella

Shoe89 found one of the stranger Natalie film rumours in awhile. According to the Chicago Tribune, Natalie is being linked to a remake of Barbarella, the campy 60’s sci-fi film starring Jane Fonda.

That’s enough to send shivers down my spine, however, there are some directors that I think so highly of, that I’d always give the benefit of doubt. Sofia Coppola falls into that category for me and Sofia, who worked with Natalie on her Dior campaign, is apparently the filmmaker pulling all of this together.

Barbarella was originally a French avant garde comic book heroine. Paramount Pictures wants to jump into the comic book genre that has worked so well for Warner Bros. and Disney/Marvel. Coppola, turned on to the Barbarella character by French director Michel Gondry, thinks it is time for a “Barbarella” reboot. And she thinks Portman is just the girl to go flying into outer space, seducing the galaxies. (Jane’s characterization was rather innocent, despite the famous weightless striptease. Portman might be a less naive Barbarella.)

I think it’d be wise to keep the salt close by, but I’m going to try and see if there’s any truth to this. Until then, is this good news, bad news or to weird to even categorize?