Let’s kick off the new week with some mini news items.

– Natalie made it at number 52 on Vogue UK’s 100 Most Inspirational Women list, although their reasoning seems a bit outdated. Vegan shoes and FINCA? Pff, it’s all about watches and Free The Children now 😉

– Natalie gets a little mention in this article by an Ethiopian writer who was left frustrated by the types of questions that Natalie had to field at TIFF a couple years ago.

– Steven Rea is the author of Hollywood Rides A Bike, and in this interview he mentions that Natalie is a noted bike rider. Only, I can’t think of any examples beyond the magazine shoot below. Surely if she regularly rode a bike we’d have some evidence of it…or am I forgetting something?


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  • alex74 says:

    Well in Israel people use bicycles a lot. For instance in Tel Aviv that I live now people use bicycles a lot. I bet that if she lived in Israel she would be using it also a lot.
    Wonderful Country Natalie I am staying for another year. I am surprised that she is not doing it as Johny Depp living half and half in Israel and USA as he does between France and USA. With the money she has she can have here a dream house.