Five Questions With Time

Time Magazine was at Natalie’s dinner with Richard Mille and was asked five questions…three of which are not that interesting, so you’ll have to head to Time to check them out.

Here are the two questions that I think will most interest fans.

You’re helping to design a watch. Do you have a lot of experience with design?
Laughs. I do not, but luckily Richard does. He’ll handle the technical aspects, and I’ll probably be like, “Make this thinner. Do it this shape.” I’m sure I’ll have very basic things to add.

And what’s next for you film-wise?
I start work this summer on one of two films by Terrence Malick, which is very exciting. Then I’ll be doing Thor 2 after that, and then working with Richard Mille and Dior as well.

Since Thor 2 starts shooting in August, presumably it won’t be long till Natalie is back on set for Malick 🙂