EPIC Tidbits

Here are a few short news items but even though they are short in stature, they are by no means small.

– Let’s start with the news that Natalie will be making an appearance at Cannes…sort of. Natalie is on the guest list for charity event hosted by Prince Albert and Bill Clinton. The Bill Clinton Foundation is the recipient and Natalie has worked with them on more than one occasion in the past.

Whether we see her at the actual Cannes Film Festival remains to be seen. Sure would be nice to see her walking the carpet as she hasn’t done so since she was a jury member in 2008.

– I was finally able to hear from my source about the Sofia Coppola Barbarella rumour. Personally, I thought it was so outlandish that it might just be true…but the response I got from my source was a to the point “no”.

– I also found out that it was Dior who asked Natalie to take part in the Neshat short film although I still don’t know what the content of the film is and if the film has commercial links.