Okay, these tidbits are more the usual garden variety, But who doesn’t like gardens?

– Let’s kick off with some quotes from Natalie’s visit to the Audrey Hepburn Children’s House for their 10th anniversary.

“They’ve been doing such incredible work for the past 10 years now,” Portman said.

“It’s a celebration of his mother’s life,” Portman said after touring the facility with Hepburn. “And all of the values that she established and being acted out here everyday, taking care of children who — unfortunately — aren’t being taken care of as they deserve.”

People has a new sighting of Natalie taking Aleph to Serafina Fabulous Pizza in NYC.

The Oscar winner kept her little one on her lap the entire meal, feeding him a few bites and waiting for him to fall asleep before she began eating her own meal, a salad.

An onlooker tells PEOPLE Portman was “doting on him the entire time.”

– Finally, here is a video interview with Richard Mille from the evening of the dinner with Natalie. He doesn’t really talk much about her, but might be worth a watch (pun intended) if you’re interested.