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By May 22, 2012Site-news

My bad. Toto20 posted a Hollywood Reporter link and thought it was saying that Natalie would be attending, but I noticed that the article just mentioned that Natalie was a past attendee to the amfAR benefit.

A few days later Toto posted another link along with a translation. The translation made it sound like Natalie would attend this year, but given the lack of activity I checked the article again. What I saw was a reference to that Hollywood Reporter article, so I think it’s very likely that it was just a translation snafu and that Natalie will not be attending Cannes this year.

Next year with Malick? Bank on it!*

* Don’t bank on it


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  • alephnatben says:

    NATALIE! *says with nostrils flared and taps foot* O, Natalie, where art thou, and shall we ever see thine face again?

    I’m becoming so impatient with how slooooow the past year has been newswise, Nataliewise, and just about ever kind of wise. I can pretty much peg March or April of 2011 as the beginning of the “Natalie recession”, where she disappeared from public view and went into hiding after precious baby was born. I’m nervous that her sporadic appearances and selective projects will become permanent trends, and sadly all, because we have chosen to love a most practical and private actress, this could be very, very likely.

    I predict that Natalie will give Aleph a little brother and sister, and that by the time her children reach grade school ages, she will do a movie every two to three years, but mostly she will invest her time and energy into ensuring her children, too, become future Harvard attendees. Poor Ben is likely to face the same ageism that Natalie will face considering he is a dance/choreographer, and if the ballet world is as strenuous they say it is, ol’ Ben will probably be looking for jobs behind the camera. Maybe Ben and Natalie will become a team and write a script together and possibly even direct it. Hey, I can dream, can’t I?
    Then again, everything I just said is pure speculation, and Natalie could become the Meryl Streep of acting and Ben, the Baryshnikov of dancing.Their respective industries could never tire of them and keep them employed ’til the end of time. But it is even more likely that my general “outline” of where Nat and hubby will be headed (helped by a gentle nudge from their industries towards the exit and into middle age) is fairly reasonable and not at all unusual. Natalie, already being a woman of considerable means and talent, would not suffer any losses and still be remembered as an iconic actress, and we should all hope for the sake of Nat’s happiness and that of her children, that her marriage with Benjamin will remain stable and fulfilling. That I do hope.

  • Dazza says:

    It was slow but the past month or so has been a pretty big uptick. SNL, Holocaust appearance, vid for Wiesel, Hepburn House, Free the children, Mille, Dior in Paris, ballet gala, the music video, Jane Goodall, the short film…

    And now another new project announced, which makes it 4 films on the horizon (that we know about).