Another rock ’em sock ’em edition of mini updates coming at ya.

– That Israel visit may have been mistaken, because according to this tweet, Natalie was spotted at a mall in San Antonio, Texas. Since Terrence Malick’s test shooting (or real shooting, who knows) has been in Austin and other parts of Texas, I think Natalie might finally be reporting for active duty. Stay tuned.

– Natalie’s music video for Paul McCartney, My Valentine, is getting the full cinema treatment. Oscar king, Harvey Weinstein, has arranged for the music video to play before screenings of the new French film, The Intouchables.

– And finally, here is a paparazzi video from Natalie’s hike with friends and Aleph from a few months ago. I think these kinds of video’s are very informative to us as fans. Sure, we can imagine how annoying the paparazzi must be, but video’s like this really drive that point home.

I kept hoping the cameraman would topple down the side of the mountain.