Another rock ’em sock ’em edition of mini updates coming at ya.

– That Israel visit may have been mistaken, because according to this tweet, Natalie was spotted at a mall in San Antonio, Texas. Since Terrence Malick’s test shooting (or real shooting, who knows) has been in Austin and other parts of Texas, I think Natalie might finally be reporting for active duty. Stay tuned.

– Natalie’s music video for Paul McCartney, My Valentine, is getting the full cinema treatment. Oscar king, Harvey Weinstein, has arranged for the music video to play before screenings of the new French film, The Intouchables.

– And finally, here is a paparazzi video from Natalie’s hike with friends and Aleph from a few months ago. I think these kinds of video’s are very informative to us as fans. Sure, we can imagine how annoying the paparazzi must be, but video’s like this really drive that point home.

I kept hoping the cameraman would topple down the side of the mountain.


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  • omgzrachel says:

    Austin and SA are in the same neighborhood, so it seems pretty legit.

  • thevoid99 says:

    Why in the hell would Natalie go all the way to Israel to see Madonna? Fuck that aging hag!

  • Adonis says:

    The paparazzi are really awful: All the time “bounce” it back and forth in front of Natalie, and try somehow to get news. I know they do their job – but sometimes “annoying” it, especially if one has no desire to answer questions, as you could well see in the video.
    If Natalie does not want to talk, then it means she does not want to talk – very simple. Natalie has done the right – they just wanted to walk in this beautiful area and not give any interviews or comments.

  • Adonis says:

    I immediately recognized from the outset that “My Valentine” is a great success.
    Johnny Depp – but especially in this video Natalie is simply top notch!
    I’m glad that this music video is really so much in demand.

  • Adonis says:

    Because she is a Madonna fan:
    Do not forget, Natalie grew up with Madonna’s music somehow.
    I mean in the movie “Leon” could even see it even then that Natalie liked Madonna’s music – and why not?
    She has done many good songs.

  • alephnatben says:

    Oh man, never mind. I think the thing about Natalie in San Antonio was a ruse tweet to another tweeter. Here’s another more believable one in Los Angeles that claims he saw Natalie today at a coffee shop:!/barvonblaq. I think I would still bet on Natalie making an appearance in Israel this week then, and word has it-and according to a reliable source in production-we can pretty much bet on filming to start in early June. I have heard that “Lawless” is filming already in Austin (this was May 21, mind you), but with Malick’s erratic way of filming and piecing together bits of film, it will be difficult to place Natalie in the filming process.