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Okay, before anything else of import happens, let’s finally get to this Barbarella poll. The rumour surfaced from a reputable enough source but we shot it down. Still, I’m curious as to whether the idea of Sofia Coppola directing Natalie in a remake of Barbarella would have made you guys excited or frightened.

The Barbarella poll

Last time we asked for votes to work out your feelings about Natalie’s new Western project. I must admit, I thought there would be a sizable push back because of the Western genre, which isn’t everyone’s cup of moonshine. But only 4 people voted that way, while over half the votes are very positive BECAUSE of the synopsis and genre.

Full results are after the jump.

Are you excited about Natalie signing up for Lynne Ramsay’s Western, Jane Got A Gun?

Yes, because of the plot synopsis and genre. – 52.4% (65 votes)

I’m on the fence for now. – 27.4% (34 votes)

Yes, because of Ramsay’s reputation. – 14.5% (18 votes)

No, because the plot doesn’t excite me and I don’t like Westerns. – 3.2% (4 votes)

No, because of Ramsay. – 0.8% (1 votes)


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  • Adonis says:

    Well, I’ll be honest:
    “Barbarella” is not exactly my thing, but when Natalie participate in a remake – ok, they should too!

  • AMSSERME says:

    I think I posted earlier that I was glad that this rumour was not true.I don’t think this movie would enhanced Natalie’s movie career,even with Sofia Coppola directing.I am not saying that Mrs.Coppola is not a good Director.She is good but she is not a Joss Whedon type as to take a B-movie and turn it in to a Blockbuster.Sofia Coppola is more of a drama and art film Director than a Sci-Fi Action film.Natalie worked in the Star Wars Trilogy and the critics were not kind to her so I don’t think Barbarella would have been different if we take in to account how the critics has taken other Sci-Fi movies like Cowboys and Aliens or John Carter.I would have been excited if Sofia Coppola would direct Natalie in a Drama Film which is their strong point.