New week. New tidbits!

– If this report is accurate, a noisy Aleph (little dude, your mom is Natalie Portman, there is nothing to cry about unless it’s tears of joy) disrupted meal time at a vegan restaurant enough for Natalie to offer to pay for the meals of those tables who were nearby.

Read all about that and other Natalie and Aleph adventures over here.

– In an article about forgotten movie child stars, Lukas Haas is mentioned along with the “fact” that he dated Natalie for 15 months in 1999. It’s probably more or less true as they were definitely close back then, after they both appeared in Mars Attacks. Awww, young love.

– Finally, here’s a strange example of a German company using a photo of Natalie in their advertising. Did they legally purchase the image? Probably not, but I imagine a lot of smaller companies, particularly in foreign countries, can get away with it quite easily.

Good luck trying to get a 3/4 side on hair obscuring photo used for your passport 😛