New Poll + Thor 2 Results

Since Natalie was linked to Cloud Atlas for so long, now that we’ve seen the trailer, I want to know if you guys are disappointed or relieved that she wasn’t involved.

The Cloud Atlas minus Natalie poll

As for the Thor results, just me and 9 other people were hoping for Natalie’s Jane Foster to be tested by some dramatic scenes in the sequel. That came in last place. In first place, by a considerable margin, were Natalie fans clamoring for Natalie to get her hands dirty and be involved in more of the action.

What do Natalie fans want from her appearance in Thor 2?

Jane involved in more action. – 52.7% (88 votes)

Jane and Thor taking their romance to the next level. – 18.6% (31 votes)

I mostly wish Natalie would drop out of the film. – 10.8% (18 votes)

Jane up to more fish out of water comedy. – 9.6% (16 votes)

Jane being pushed into more drama and melodrama. – 6% (10 votes)