Wedding Gift

For some reason the cold fan meetings with Natalie often stick longer in the memory, even though there are far more positive accounts in the time I’ve been around. Your best bet is to somehow meet her on an equal footing, and there’s no more equal footing than having HER introduce herself to YOU like this story below.

Below are the pertinent tweets from this encounter in New York yesterday.

Guys. I look like monkey poop in this picture but my sister and I just met Natalie Portman!!

She’s at the same wedding as me and apparently we were at the same funeral a few years ago and she sad she remembered me!! *cries*

I know!! She’s so sweet! She was like “hi I’m Natalie :)” and in my head I was like OMGG I KNOW WHO YOU ARE I LOVE YOU!! lol

She’s the sweetest person ever. she introduced herself to me and hugged me!

UPDATE – I received an email from the mom of the lucky ladies above. She asked me to remove the tweet about Natalie having dated their cousin as it was not accurate. Natalie and their cousin were just University friends.