Numero Interview

Toto20 sent in pdf scans of a new Natalie interview in the August edition of Numero Magazine. There are a couple translation glitches but it’s actually a really great interview. You can read page one here and page two here.

Below are a few choice quotes…

Recently in the comments she’s been accused of not being grateful and not liking acting.

I love acting, I find it as enjoyable as it is enriching. I just like having other things going on aside from my daily life. In fact these openings came about because I am famous. I get to meet passionate people and to discover fascinating places, which wouldn’t be possible in other circumstances. I’m lucky.

When asked how she picks roles…

I need to have a deep feeling that something new is on offer. It might be the subject of a film, the director’s personality or a challenging character that brings out that feeling. I really need to have a unique experience.

She also talks about how she is now more picky about her projects.

Today I am incapable of saying yes unless I feel 100% about the project, whereas before I’d make a film just because I wanted to get back on set. I might not have been completely enthusiastic but I would tell myself it was okay. Today the ‘okay’ isn’t enough because now movies are competing with something much more important in my life, my family, and there has to be a very good reason for me to be away from them.

There’s plenty of other nice film related quotes in the interview, including several excited mentions of getting to work with Terrence Malick, what it was like being on the jury at Cannes, and how some directors can seem charming in meetings and then are anything but on set.