Before I get to the mini news items, I want to do a new poll about Natalie’s wedding tonight…anyone got any bright ideas about what the question could be?

– A bit late now but Natalie and Benjamin took Natalie’s parents out for a dinner just days before the wedding.

“[The grandparents] took turns walking their grandson around the dining room and outside patio,” a source told New York Post.

– A guy called Alain de Botton has written a (hilarious sounding) book about sex. It includes this little nugget comparing Natalie and Scarlett Johansson.

De Botton pens an ode to the virgin/whore construct by comparing Scarlett Johansson’s features to those of Natalie Portman, giving each a completely subjective meaning (“her cheeknoes indicate a capacity for self-involvement,” he says of Johansson). “We end up favoring Natalie, who is objectively no more beautiful than Scarlett, because her eyes reflect just the sort of calm that we long for and never got enough of from our hypochondriacal mother (p. 56).”

– Finally, something a bit fun. The Star Wars gang, including Natalie, “singing” Call Me Maybe.