We’ve got plenty of good stuff for the weekend, but a starter we’ve got a few mini updates.

– Well, Benjamin did a decent job as a guest judge on So You Think You Can Dance. His LA Dance troupe performed and it was damn impressive. Natalie was not in attendance. In fact, she wasn’t even mentioned during his introduction. Fair enough, he’s more than just her husband, but I would have thought FOX would have wanted to capitalize on her name a little.

– Speaking of Benjamin, a writer who called him a “frog”, has explained why he did so and offered an apology to Ben and Natalie.

– The Portman, working a year before “Black Swan,” writes: “My posture looked like I’d swallowed a broom . . . I had the same body since I’m 14. With Mary Helen, it’s completely transformed. I gained length, strength and tone. Arms and legs changed shape. In awe of dancers’ bodies — definition in their arms, strong legs and beautiful line extending from fingertips to toes . . . [plus her] healthy diet in conjunction with the exercises” achieved our fitness goals.