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By August 30, 2012Nat-news

Thanks to Fanatical for finding a recording of Natalie’s speech at the Nevada Women Vote 2012 summit from the weekend. Unfortunately it’s recorded by the camera operator from The Hunger Games, but hey, at least we can hear some of what Natalie had to say. Although it sounds like she’s very much preaching to the choir.

Along with that, Natalie has submitted an article to barackobama.com about her appearance in Nevada and why the president has her support.


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  • AMSSERME says:

    Thanks Fanatical for these videos.I’m sure many of us,me included,wanted to see and hear Natalie’s speech.

  • whenpukedries says:

    It bugs me when people repeat the stat “a woman earns … for every dollar a man makes.” Can this so called fact really be trusted? There are probably a million reasons that this is true sociologically. For one, men have been working way longer and women’s “work” (child rearing etc.) wasn’t called “work.” Now that we aim for equality in workplaces, I for one am not too outraged that that stat, if it is true, exists. It’s a reflection of changing attitudes. How much do gay men earn for every dollar a straight man earns? Or is that ridiculous to some people?

  • DMarek says:

    Obama has her support and she has my support xP 😀

  • Nannina says:

    I’m glad I’m not the only one who thought the Hunger Games should have invested in a steadycam.

  • DanHolt says:

    Our healthcare isn’t affordable. Does she even know what’s going on in this country? Jobs suck if you’re not her. Sure healthcare isn’t that expensive but it doesn’t cover anything so you’re just wasting 10% of your income paying for it, and if you want good healthcare you’ve got to pay for it. I’ve had healthcare before and they don’t do anything for me. She’s just a spoiled rich girl. As far as I know Barrack Obama helped us get out of that crisis with the car companies. He also got Osama Binladen. I sent the White Hourse and Barrack information on the applied kinesiology which Hawkins was able to use to find Osama’s location, so I wonder if I helped to find Osama Binladen. Dr. David R. Hawkins knew Osama Binladen’s location years before he was caught with the Applied Kinesiology technique. I hope Barrack Obama or whoever takes office this time comes up with much better strategies than before. Poor people and women aren’t really represented and richer people have to pay for expensive healthcare of an independent plan if they want it’s real benefits. She gets paid half as much as her male co-stars because she’s not as good as an actor. Angelina gets paid twice as much as Natalie if not more, so gets paid the same as the guys. It’s got more to do with how big a draw they are to the film, how good their acting is, and how much money they make the movies. Why doesn’t she pay off her friend’s student loans? It’s better to talk trash to someone’s face than behind their backs to all your peers instead, atleast then you don’t hide yourself.