New Poll + Wedding Dress Results

Whoops. I knew I had forgotten something.

So, Natalie is filming Thor 2 at the moment. What I want to know is what Natalie films, that don’t lend themselves to sequels, would you like to see given the sequel treatment?

The sequel poll

As for the wedding dress poll, it seems the dress did not wow fans. Although, I also thought it wasn’t the best looking and then I saw the proper photo of it and felt completely differently. So hard to say without seeing properly shot photos of Natalie in the dress.

The results of the poll are after the jump…

Natalie’s wedding dress was…

Not to my taste but she looked so happy I don’t care – 38.1% (121 votes)

Beautiful and stunning – 29.2% (93 votes)

Hard to judge given the nature of the photos we’ve seen – 15.1% (48 votes)

Frumpy and disappointing – 10.4% (33 votes)

Not the best but that fact makes me like her even more – 5.3% (17 votes)