New Poll + DNC Results

With the Natalie fake updates this week, I thought that would make a unique topic for a new poll. I want to know, and be honest, who among you have believed, even for a moment, that someone online was Natalie.

To lessen your shame, I have to hold my hand up and admit that pimple faced teenage Dazza did also once believe in a fake Natalie. It didn’t last long and I can barely remember the details, but I know I can’t say I’ve never fallen victim to a fake Natalie.

The Fake Natalie Poll

As for the last poll, Natalie didn’t show up at the DNC, which is a shame because most of you wanted to see her up there. Just wait 4 more years. Portman/Whiz 2016!

Results are after the jump…

Would you want Natalie to give a DNC speech?

Yes, because all Natalie news is great – 35% (42 votes)

Yes, because I support the Democrats – 31.7% (38 votes)

No, I do not support the Democrats – 22.5% (27 votes)

No, I wouldn’t want to see her do an Eastwood – 9.2% (11 votes)