2 New Projects?

Wow, the Natalie films news just keeps on coming.

We’ve got Thor 2 and two Terrence Malick films on the way. There’s Jane Get’s A Gun as well. In The Garden Of Beasts sounds more likely than not. Jackie is a possibility. And I recently heard that older projects like A Tale Of Love And Darkness and Isabella V are also still on the table.

Well if The Wrap are correct, there are two more projects on that buckling table.

Code Name Sasha – “Revolves around a single mother who has been engaged in criminal activity since she was a teenager. She is given a chance to get out when the FBI asks her to go undercover to bring down the world’s largest gun-running organization.”

Last Witness – “She would play a psychologist working with the sole survivor of a bombing in a café in Boston who is suffering from amnesia.”

Can never tell much from a logline, but both sound pretty awful to me. Going to try and see how much truth there is to this.

UPDATE – Heard back. Natalie passed on Code Name Sasha (thank god). Not sure about the second project yet.