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By October 13, 2012Nat-news

Filipe found a number of tweets, which shed more details on the cast of Terrence Malicks Untitled film. The ACL music festival is this weekend and with the film using the music scene as a backdrop, Terrence Malick and his cameras are once again on hand.

So let’s go through everything…

Emma Stone was spotted with Ryan Gosling. Fran “Florence and the Machine” Welch was also seen, and there is a photo showing her, Gosling, Rooney Mara (maybe Emma Stone?) and Terrence Malick.

And here’s another photo confirming that they were filming.

Where was Natalie in all this? Well, dancing by the side of the stage of course. And not taking photos with fans.


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  • Anqxxx says:

    it’s Lykke Li 😀

  • edenliao says:

    O M G !
    being a huge fan of Natalie and Florence Welch(oh! not Fran Welch btw.), you can’t imagine how excited I am now!!!!

  • AMSSERME says:

    Dazza-About my desktop resolution for the warballon wallpaper-1024×768 seems to fit.Sorry I post my answer here,but I posted my reply at the warballon painting post and you didn’t received it.I think I have some issues with my internet provider.

  • filipeotavio says:

    One photo of Natalie, Boyd Holbrook and Terrence Malick and another of Natalie alone . Both are from today (Oct 14th), in the morning, at the Riverbend Church in Austin, TX