New batch of mini news items for you guys.

Elle Canada has another riff on Natalie’s Paris interview merry-go-round. As with the others, a couple new quotes mixed in with stuff we’ve heard already. They mention that Natalie has a sister, which was certainly a new detail *facepalm*. In fact there’s another quote attributed to her which says that she’s from the midwest…the midwest of what, Long Island? Those strange observations aside, here is a more reliable quote.

“When you’re famous, you put walls up because people want too much from you-strangers get too close,” she says. She shrinks into the sofa and puts her arms up as a mock barrier. For a moment she looks uncomfortable and unhappy, but then she brightens again.

Having a baby, she explains, means she’s chatting with people who stop her-in a café, in a store-to ask about her little one, “and it’s nice.”

– You’d think people knew what Natalie looked like by now, right? Well a couple people on Twitter claim to have seen Natalie and Ryan Gosling in Austin but looking at the pics here and here…that’s Rooney Mara as far as I’m concerned.

– Speaking of tweets, this one suggests that Natalie will be in London next week. Hopefully that doesn’t mean Rooney Mara will be in London next week 😛